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PDE and Modelling

This team studies PDE from the theoretical and numerical viewpoints, for applications to Physics and Life Sciences.

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Geometry, Groups, and Dynamics

The concept of geometry evolved in the past two centuries, since the discovery of non-Euclidean and Riemannian geometries. Such geometries underwent a revolution with the work of Gromov and Thurston. Several members of the UMPA have been considerably contributing to these programs. Other kind of geometries (e.g., symplectic, affine, projective, conformal, Lorentzian, holomorphic, ...) keeps fascinating the mathematicians, and in particular the members of the UMPA, for their beauty and their questions.

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Probability theory

The Probability Group investigates various topics such as: free probability, random graphs, random matrices, random media, stochastic partial differential equations.

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Number Theory

The research subjects of the members of the Number Theory group are in the domain of arithmetic geometry, going from number theory to algebraic geometry.

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INRIA Project-Team of Centre Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes from 2008 to 2021

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Confluentes Mathematici

A mathematical research journal from Lyon

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