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Number theory group

Number theory group of UMPA.

The research subjects of the members of the Number Theory group are in the domain of arithmetic geometry, going from number theory to algebraic geometry. They cover several branches of arithmetic geometry, such as Galois representations, p-adic problems such as the p-adic Langlands program and p-adic cohomologies, motivic aspects that include K-theory and L-functions, and also algorithmic number theory and applications to cryptography.


Group members


Permanent members


  • Laurent Berger
  • François Brunault
  • Frédéric Déglise
  • Sophie Morel (in charge of the group)
  • Bertrand Rémy
  • Sandra Rozensztajn
  • Olivier Taïbi
  • Benjamin Wesolowski


PhD students, post-docs, visitors


  • Mista Boisan
  • Alice Bouillet
  • Robin Carlier
  • Benjamin Fleuriault
  • Corentin Lambert
  • Rakesh Pawar
  • Baptiste Peaucelle
  • Guillaume Pignon-Ywanne
  • Luca Terenzi
  • Thu Ha Trieu
  • Swann Tubach


The seminar


Our seminar, the "Séminaire d'Arithmétique à Lyon", takes place on Thursdays at 2pm. The organizers are Olivier Taïbi and Benjamin Wesolowski.