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Équipe de probabilités et statistiques

Probability theory is the mathematical theory that formalizes randomness. As such, it plays a role in many phenomena of everyday life: spread of epidemics, structure of large networks (biological, computer, social, ...) , thermodynamics, and so on. These models are often motivated by questions in physics, computer science and biology, and provide a fascinating playground for researchers in mathematics. There is also a close and fruitful interplay between probability theory and the other branches of pure and applied mathematics.


Permanent Members


  • Thomas Budzinski (CR CNRS)
  • Aurélien Garivier (PR)
  • Alice Guionnet (DR CNRS)
  • Emmanuel Jacob (MCF)
  • Adrien Kassel (CR CNRS)
  • Hélène Leman (CR INRIA)
  • Grégory Miermont (PR)
  • Jean-Christophe Mourrat (CR CNRS)


temporary members (AGPR, ATER, Post-doc, graduate students...)


  • Aymen Al Marjani (PhD student)
  • Antoine Barrier (PhD student)
  • Céline Bonnet (Post-Doc)
  • Jeanne Boursier (Post-Doc)
  • Vianney Brouard (PhD student)
  • Héloïse Constantin (PhD student)
  • Élise Crépon (PhD student)
  • Léo Dort (PhD student)
  • Charlie Dworaczek (PhD student)
  • William Fleurat (PhD student)
  • Justin Ko (Post-Doc)
  • Alexandre Marthe (PhD student)
  • Ronan Memin (PhD student)
  • Pierre Ménard (PhD student)
  • Vanessa Piccolo (PhD Student)
  • Hugues Van Assel (PhD Student)


some of the research topics at UMPA


  • Random graphs and networks
  • Random matrices and free probability
  • Random plane geometries
  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Spin glasses


Seminars and recurring events


The probability seminar is co-organised by UMPA and Institut Camille Jordan.

The séminaire Hypatie is co-organised by Lyon, Marseille and Grenoble, and is held three times a year.