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About the Unit

The UMPA (Unit of Pure and Applied Mathematics) is the Mathematics department of the École normale supérieure de Lyon, as well as a research laboratory of CNRS and INRIA.

The department currently has about 60 members, including faculties, postdocs, and visitors, working on major fields of pure and applied mathematics: Geometry, Groups, and Dynamical Systems; Partial Differential Equations and Modeling; Probability; Number Theory. Read more

Jul 02, 2020 Motion de l'UMPA sur la LPPR
May 28, 2020 Toutes nos félications à Alice GUIONNET nommée Fellow de l'Institut de Statistiques de Mathémati (...)
Apr 19, 2020 Asymptotiques d'intégrales multiples du modèle de Sinh-Gordon/Asymptotic behaviour of the Sinh-Gor (...)
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