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Ecole d'automne 2021 - IMPT

Institut des Mathématiques pour la Planète Terre (IMPT) - Impacts morphologiques du changement climatique du 23 au 26 novembre 2021

This school is dedicated to the morphological impact of climate change, and will present mathematical problems related to melting glaciers, landslides, coastal erosion and floods. It is organized around three courses of 6 hours each, an intervention on preferences and regulations in the exploitation of natural resources and a few short presentations on interdisciplinary projects supported by the IMPT in connection with the themes of the school as well as than more informal discussion times. This mini-school is aimed at researchers from all disciplines as well as young doctoral and post-doctoral students.

This school will start on the first day (23 November 2021) at Claude Bernard University of Lyon 1 (Amphi Ampère) then will continue from 24 November 2021 at ENS Lyon (Salle des theses on 24 November 2021 then Amphi B for November 25 and 26, 2021).

Some remarks linked to the school impt2021:

Cette école d'automne est organisée par l'IMPT dont les partenaires actuels sont le CNRS, l'ENS Lyon, l'Université Clermont-Auvergne, l'Université Claude Bernard, l'Université Grenoble Alpes, l'Université Savoie Mont Blanc.

1) Registration for this fall school organized by the IMPT is free but mandatory.

2) Transport and accommodation costs are normally the responsibility of your organization, which will take in charge of  your mission, except for the speakers of course. It is the same for the expenses related to the meals. Only coffee breaks will be covered by the IMPT.

3) Face-to-face participation is preferable to promote interactions but we will try to set up a video system (in live or not) to allow those who cannot travel or who do not wish to travel to follow the talks. Please register in any case and notify the organizers.

4) The lectures will be in english.


COVID19-Health Pass-Mask:  Events welcoming the outside public are subject to the health pass. It is then important to note that the health pass is mandatory to enter the ENS Lyon and that wearing a mask is mandatory in the rooms, amphi at université Claude Bernard and ENS Lyon etc....


For more informations :